social media strategy for travel agents

5 Social Media Tips for Travel Agents

It’s no surprise that an online presence is almost essential to operating a business. Social media engagement can help your travel agency grow by exposing you to a large audience- A.K.A., lots of potential clients.

But…how exactly do you reach the right audience? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

The most important thing to remember about creating an effective social media page is engagement. Of course, gaining likes, comments, and shares can help spread the word about your business. However, due to user-based algorithms, your posts aren’t always guaranteed to hit the front of everyone’s timelines (For example, Facebook’s algorithm will more than likely value communication with friends and family over business pages). This means that you’ll have to work a little harder to make sure your agency isn’t falling away from your followers.

So, how can you make sure your social media content is breaking ground? Here are 5 tips to create an engaging platform that will draw attention and encourage activity:

  1. Connect with everyone in your social circle.

The more people you have in your database, the more people you can reach that may be looking for your services. Some people you should be sure to include in your social media circle are:

  • Friends and Family: From immediate to extended family to in-laws, connect with ALL the people in your family! As for friends, don’t be afraid to reach wide- gym buddies, neighbors, your spouse’s colleagues, etc. The list is nearly endless!
  • Satisfied Clients: Existing clients are great because they can help refer you to potential clients. Since they are already familiar with your agency, they are likely to help share your posts and shine a positive light on your business.
  • Service Providers and Business Associates: Think of your babysitter, favorite local barista, financial advisor, insurance agent, etc. Network with them! You’ll probably find that businesses love to help other businesses.


  1. Frequently and consistently post enjoyable content.

Enjoyable content can be educational, entertaining, or endearing. Make sure to keep a good variety to capture the attention of different people. For example, one day you can post a thoughtful quote about the joys of travel, and another day you can post an informative graphic highlighting your agency’s special deals and services.

Posting frequently is also important to ensure people actually see your page. However, make sure to keep your social media schedule consistent. Users will start to anticipate hearing from you and will begin to look for your posts.

  1. Let your agency’s personality shine

Social media is a crowded landscape, so it’s essential to separate yourself from the rest of the field. Tell your own story and create your own voice- not only does it make your agency distinct, but also trustworthy. People will want to seek out services from an agency that they know and like.

  1. Ask questions and be interactive

If you want your audience to engage with you, then you must engage with them. Post content that asks questions such as, “Which destination would you like to travel to?” or, “Why did you choose our travel agency to plan your vacation?” Stay away from yes or no questions and focus on content that asks, “how,” “why,” “what,” “which,” etc. Get users to respond and when they do- respond back!

  1. Be weary of posting a sales pitch

People turn to social media to escape demands and, frankly, be social. When you share a sales pitch, it can seem as though you are not looking to maintain a mutual relationship with your followers. Stay personable and authentic- that is what will draw people to your agency.

Overall, if you are looking for a way to grow your travel agency, social media is a great investment. Stay dedicated to your page and use these tips to inspire some creative and engaging content!


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