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Vacation Creations is your new favorite tool to maximize productivity. Use the fastest growing tool for travel agencies that simplifies your workday and keeps you organized as you save time and build new revenue.


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Market and run your travel business operations all from one platform. With your customer data and marketing system all in one place, you’ll save time and stay connected with your clients efficiently and automatically. You can do it all inside your Vacation Creations dashboard.

Your Travel Business All-In-One Management Solution


Connect with your customers, create unforgettable experiences, and make your business fun again with a software built to simplify your everyday tasks.

One-Stop Data Management

Each travel agency deals with large quantities of customer data and they need something more than traditional spreadsheets to manage it.

On-The-Go Access

Access your customer contact information exactly when you need it with Vacation Creations. Create leads, enter reservations, securely save credit card information, keep detailed notes and check off tasks related to reservation deadlines, all from your computer or mobile device.



Vacation Creations CRM Top Features

Spend more time providing personal service to your clients instead of spending hours managing paperwork and remembering tasks.

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Software created by travel agents, for travel agents.

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Vacation Creations is simple, clean, and easy to use. It helps streamline everyday business tasks for travel agencies of any size. From one agent to 100, Vacation Creations is the “easy button” for your travel business. Our clients tell us Vacation Creations provides:

Improved Follow-Up
More Hours in the Day
Better Client Relationships

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What’s New at Vacation Creations CRM

Our software isn’t some fly-by-night tool – it was developed by travel agents to provide a simple solution for travel business management. Read our latest blog posts for other tips on how to communicate with clients and manage your business more efficiently.

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