Work Smarter with Your Email Marketing

A Fully Integrated Email Marketing System with your Customer Information and Reservation Database

Market and Run Your Business Operations, All on One Platform

Users that have this feature enabled are billed a monthly rate of $10/per user

With your customer data and marketing system all in one place, connect easily with your clients like never before. No need for a separate 3rd party system or double data entry.

Add a personal touch through customized automated messages that reach your customers at exactly the right moments.

Our Customer Tags and other filtering criteria allow you to reach out to the exact customer that needs to see your message.

ENABLE FEATURE WITH A TOGGLE - website (600 × 557 px)

Easily Enable the Email Marketing Feature for Agents

using Vacation Creations

Turn agents on or off individually with a simple toggle

Enable the feature for those agents that will make the most of leveraging campaign marketing to boost their business.

The Email Marketing add-on module has the features that will take you and your team’s sales to the next level.

Use Customer Tags to Laser-Focus Your Marketing Efforts

with Vacation Creations

Tags are labels you create to help identify and organize your contacts.

Tagging allows you reach the right audience when a new travel deal comes out or when you want to reach a specific set of customers for a promotion.

Tags are highly customizable, so you can create and assign them as you see fit.

Use Customer Tags to target specific customers website

Choose the Customer Criteria that Fits Your Campaign Needs

with Vacation Creations

Customer Tags are a great way to personalize your email marketing, but using other database criteria can be very effective getting your customers to open the emails and take action.

From Active to Inactive clients; the Marketing Method or Event on how they became your client, as well as by Customer Reservations or Leads.

Creating a New Campaign

with Vacation Creations

Choose a campaign name & add a great subject line

Schedule the campaign or let agents manually run it

Send campaign emails to the customers of all agents or just certain ones

Checking Client Receipt of Email - website

Confirm That Your Customer is Getting Emails

with Vacation Creations

Easily review the email history for your customer and even when emails are delivered and opened.

View if a customer has unsubscribed or manually unsubscribe a customer from marketing campaigns

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